Westad order intake all time high

Norwegian valve manufacturer Westad Industri has last 12 months been awarded orders for more than 300 MNOK (>51 MUSD), representing all time high during their 117 year of history.

“The key driver of our recent success in the market place is our unique position in the currently booming LNG market”, comments MD Jørn Inge Throndsen, when asked how Westad has been so successful during the last year. “Westad is one of few valve manufacturers today which can meet the high and complex requirements related to LNG carriers and storage facilities, and based on our Cryoseal double and triple offset high performance butterfly valves, Westad has been able to confirm a leading position in this demanding segment of the marine markets” Mr. Throndsen continues.

During decades Westad has been a key supplier of LNG valves to Global ship yards like Samsung Heavy Industries, Daewoo, Hyundai Heavy Industries and engineering companies like Wear LGE and Hamworthy. Several shipowners like BW Gas, Golar and Marangas have again and again chosen the Westad quality valves for their LNG vessels.

“We are very happy with the achievements we have made over the last 12 months, and very proud of the continued confidence our customers have in our company and in our products. With the current backlog being record high and with the continued positive momentum expected in the marine markets, we look forward to a very hectic and exciting period for our factory at Geithus in Norway.”

For further information, contact:

Mr. Jørn Inge Throndsen
Managing Director of Westad Industri AS
Phone: +47 906 85 336
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